The last couple of months I have questioned my driving ability. Twice I pulled out in front of people almost causing an accident. Lately, I went the wrong way in a parking lot garage. Most recently I was daydreaming while approaching a roundabout going sixty miles an hour and had to lock the brakes up!

 I’m not really sure at what age you are considered a senior citizen. Or what age or condition you need to be when they take your driver’s license away from you. I’m only 60 years old for crying out loud. I have been told by people that I need to pay attention to what I am doing!!

 I’m not going to continue to write about my mishaps on the road, but instead focus on the responses I have received from other drivers that I have offended. I have gotten mad and sometimes really upset at people driving on the road in the past. Never have I given the finger to someone, or followed them, or honked my horn for five minutes.  To my complete surprise, I was shocked at how upset people were at me. I made a mistake. It was my fault.

For example, I was in Marshall driving down main street. I was set to merge in the left lane at the intersection of Main Street and East College Drive. The corner of Varsity Pub and Bello Cucina’s. It was my fault, I will admit. I failed to check my blind spot and I turned my blinker on the same time as I started to merge into the left lane. Well “crazy pickup man” had beaten me into the left lane and I did not see him as I was turning left into the lane.  So “crazy pickup man” laid on his horn as he backed off and let me in ahead of him. Well, I got up to the stop light and “crazy pickup man” would not let up on his horn!  I looked into my rear view mirror and he let me know I was number one! Really?

Second example. As I was in Montevideo, I was taking a right off Main Street and merging onto Highway 7. As you can see I have a problem with merging. As I was coming down the ramp and merging onto highway 7, a vehicle and I met at the same time and neither of us would give up, so i went faster and ahead of him. Once again I got the finger, but this time he followed me with every turn I took. I was just about to call the police on my cell phone when he backed off. He looked to be a smaller man, so if it came to blows outside of our vehicles, I could have taken him. I think.

Thirdly, I parked in a parking ramp across the street from US Bank Stadium during the state football tournament. After the game I got back into my car, backed out and started up the ramp when I noticed the arrows were pointing the other way and some vehicles were coming at me. Well, the man in the front seat with his whole family in the car started honking and once again I got the finger while waving his hands violently at me.   I mouthed “I’m sorry” which didn’t matter to him. Crazy people…huh?

Well there you have it. So the next time you see me in my car, and I pull out in front of you or don’t let you merge, please smile and wave nicely. Please don’t give me the finger, because I really don’t know what that means anyways. What is it with the middle finger? I am just a senior citizen trying to survive on the road. Be kind to one another, especially me.

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  1. Maynard Meyer says:

    I’m happy to read this, I thought it was just me! The last time someone told me I was number one was when I failed to yield at a roundabout. I don’t even know where the guy came from! I just waved.

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