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I want a pet, specifically a small dog. Lately I have been thinking and contemplating getting a dog and discussing this with my wife. I have not made any progress with convincing her to bring home a dog. I have been pleading my case for getting a dog for months and getting absolutely nowhere.  We are empty nesters, no kids living at home just the two of us. Maybe a little background on my experience with pets.

When I was a child, I was the oldest of five kids. My mom and dad always let us have pets and we had a number of pets while I was growing up. We lived in town. I remember clearly a white cat named Snow White and parakeet that the cat ate one day! Once, dad brought home a little kitty during his lunch hour and backed over the kitty with his pickup when he went back to work. We had a number of dogs that dad would bring home.  My favorite was a dog named Speckles.

What’s puzzling about my wife not wanting a pet in the house is that she grew up with lots of pets in her home. When I was dating her I remember a Basset Hound they called Lightning! He was anything but that! Slowest walking dog I ever saw.

I just have a strong desire to bond with a small dog, I would love to come home at night and have him greet me at the door and just to play with the dog, or sit on the couch and pet him. I’m really not sure what kind of dog to get, but I prefer a small dog over a big dog.

My track record with having pets at home when our four kids were growing up isn’t good. My two sons had gerbils for a while, named Fred and Harriet. I accidentally killed them when they got out of there cage one night, my boys cried for days!

We tried fish for a while, the tank smelled up the house most of the time and most of the fish ate each other and the rest just died! Fish are cool just to watch and we had fish and a nice tank for a long time. Our kids never did have a dog or cat growing up.

My wife has two very good points as to why we are not getting a dog. And I’m quoting her. “You don’t pay enough attention to me, when are you going to give a dog attention? You’re never home.”

Ok, that makes me sound like a bad husband, she’s just lashing out and trying to make a point! She gets attention from me!

 The other reason is “Both of us work during the day and the dog will be home all day alone, that’s cruel and besides, who is going to take care of him?

I can’t argue with that; I think she’s right! She’s always right. So it looks like I won’t be getting a small dog anytime soon.  I wonder if you can rent a dog for a weekend?

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Music, rides, food, ranch rodeo, crafts, talent show, 4H, bingo, pie baking contest, Ribfest!  I was working for the radio station for five days at the Swift County fair in Appleton, I must say it was one of the most enjoyable fairs I have attended. So much fun and laughter.

Do you know what makes a good county fair? Answer…the people that come to the fair. Our Q92 booth was set up in the Commercial building and so many people stopped by our booth to visit with me.  Walking through the midway watching all the smiling faces and hearing children laughing is a real joy! Lots of people attended the many events at the Swift County fair, every night the Chuck Brown Building was full of people enjoying the fantastic music on stage.

Thursday Johnny Holm Band was impressive as always. What amazes me about Johnny is the number of people that follow him and the age difference at his concerts, like Johnny said on stage he has a 11-year-old on stage with him and he has a good number of 60 and 70-year-olds singing and dancing with him. Teenagers are his biggest followers and it showed Thursday night and I remember being a teenager at a Johnny Holm concert!!

Saturday night was my favorite Marty Stuart and his Fabulous Superlatives. Wow what a show!!  I will admit it’s not my type of music to listen to but I did recognize a number of his songs only because I work at the radio station and have heard his songs on the radio. His hit song Tempted was fun to hear in person. The Fabulous Superlatives suits were amazing. What an amazing crowd watching Marty, people were 10 to 20 deep outside the Chuck Brown Building. I think it was one of the largest crowds ever. Fun to watch.

Sitting in the Q92 booth for five days and visiting with everyone is the highlight of the fair for me. I appreciate so much all the wonderful comments from everyone about the radio station and the work that we do. Making a difference in people’s lives is very rewarding and humbling. Some people say they wake up with Q92, listen all day and go to bed with Q92 on! So thank you for listening.

Of course when you spend five days in a fair booth you get to know your neighbors really well, Cheri and Isaiah, Amanda and Kristine, Wes and Karen and Nichole we all had some good laughs, shared food, helped each other out, like taking pictures, watching each other’s booths when we had to take a break.

Can’t forget being a judge for the pie baking contest! Gwen and Phyllis are excellent pie judges and they really know about baking pies and what to look for. Me, I just taste and judge!! I’ve learned a lot about baking pies from those two fine women. The pies are just amazing.

I interviewed so many different people on the air during the course of the fair, Miss Appleton royalty, Ribfest winners, Swift County board members, vendors, 4H kids, pie winners, and Amanda who is the social media director for the fair, she was with me every day and does an amazing job running the fair’s Facebook page, Snapchat, and Instagram. She’s crazy fun!

People are what make county fairs! It’s a wonderful place to bring your family, hook up with friends you haven’t seen in a while, go on a date or just hang out with your friends. Thank you Swift County Fair board members and all the volunteers that make the fair work!!

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I always get so excited anticipating upcoming events this time of year like county fairs, football season, dance season. Yes, I said dance season, I’ll explain that in a bit. My birthday, my wife going back to school, she’s a preschool teacher. And my favorite seasons coming soon fall and winter.

Let’s take a look at my excitement for what’s coming up!

County fairs, mainly Swift and Lac qui Parle. I cover a number of county fairs for the radio station and I always look forward to all of them, but Swift and LQP I spend the most time at and they are excellent fairs, well run and fun. On Friday this week, I have been asked to judge the pie baking contest once again at the Swift County fair. I really look forward to that event every year. The pies that these people bake are amazing. I can’t wait for Friday to come around. I think what I enjoy the most is sitting in the Q92 booth at the fairs and visiting with people. I look forward to meeting a lot of people. I love county fairs.

Football season, high school, college and the NFL. It’s my favorite sport to watch and I love broadcasting high school football games. I look forward to Friday nights at the football field. Saturdays in the fall are for college football, I watch any level of college football, some Saturdays I’m watching the Gophers on TV, listening to any of the local colleges online, and might be listening on the radio to the NDSU Bison. I’m also a big Gopher football fan, always have been no matter what the win- loss record is. And of course Sundays is all about the Vikings! I’m so excited about the coming football season!! Can’t wait till the first Gopher or Vikings game.

Dance, even though dance doesn’t start till winter, I anticipate so much to see what the LQPV/DB Shadows dance routine is and what their theme will be this year.  It’s kind of top secret stuff. So when school starts i know dance will be coming soon. You see my daughter was a Shadow in the early 2000’s and I got hooked, once a Shadows dad always a Shadows dad!  I enjoy covering the team at Sections and State. They are and have been one of the top dance teams in the state year after year. Last year the coach even asked me to record my voice so I was a part of the audio in their routine, which I think was their best routine ever. So I am looking forward to fall being over so winter can get here, then I know it’s dance season.

I have a birthday in September, well it’s the big 6-0! I Can’t believe I will be 60 years old!! It doesn’t seem real to me. In my mind I feel like I’m still in my 20’s, but my body is telling me I’m going to be 60. Am I anticipating with excitement turning 60? NO! But it is a milestone and it is something special to look forward to, just like when you turn 20, 30, 40 and 50 years old. So come September 24th, Happy Birthday to me!

Last is that my wife is going back to school, this is good because it means we will get back into some kind of routine. The routine we both like. She leaves for work before me. I eat lunch alone at home. She’s usually home alone at night because I’m doing high school games. It’s our normal routine, which is very different than our summer routine.

I’m excited for all those things I mentioned! I have one more event to anticipate this fall, my daughter’s getting married in Hawaii in October…yes I’m going to Hawaii for the first time to walk my daughter down to the beach to get married!!! She’s my only daughter and it’s something I’ve always been looking forward to doing.  Lots of reasons to be excited this time of year!


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Summer is just about over and that means that sitting around a campfire is soon to end for another season. I have always enjoyed sitting around a campfire. Since I was a child, I have fond memories of sitting around a campfire on family vacations, scout campouts, youth groups, weekend camping.

So I did a study on why we like campfires and what it does to us. I found out campfires relax us and our blood pressure decreases. Of course campfires go way back to the stone ages when early humans would have associated the flickering light, crackling sounds, warmth and distinctive smells of campfires with relaxation and friendship. And it is still like this today. It’s still a social event to sit around a campfire.

 My favorite memories of campfires were when Roxie and I started dating as freshman in high school I started going out to their family cabin on Enemy Swim Lake near Waubay, South Dakota. Every evening after a full day swimming in the lake and doing lake stuff, Roxies’s mother and aunt would usually start a fire on the beach. The family would then gather around the campfire and tell stories, talk about the day, tease each other and laugh and laugh. They have a family tradition of throwing old shoes, and other things besides wood into the fire to burn. Such fun memories.

 We took our children tent camping for a number of vacations. Yellowstone, the Black Hills many times, Montana, Wisconsin Dells, and the North Shore. My four kids loved camping and having a campfire. They talk about those vacations often.

And of course if you have a campfire, you must have a pyromaniac in your family and hands down that would be my wife, taking after her mother. She loves to start a fire and play with the fire!!! I have started campfires and my campfires are big campfires!! My wife always said when she would walk around the campground she knew where our campsite was every time. Because of the size of the campfire. I was banned for a few years from making campfires.

The best campfire ever was when our youth group went out to a friend’s farm to roast hot dogs and marshmallows, sing Kumbaya and have a Bible study. Well the campfire, became a bonfire and a huge one at that! We couldn’t even get within 30 yards of the fire to roast our marshmallow’s because of the heat. Lots of laughs that night.

Now my campfires are in my backyard, I put wood in a steel fire pit and it’s very peaceful. I just sit in my chair and enjoy watching my wife continue to be the family pyromaniac! It always brings a smile to my face watching her trying to start the fire and trying to keep it going. Standing over it, watching it like it’s a life or death situation if it goes out. I just thought of something. Another favorite fire is the Christmas Yule log on TV Christmas Eve! Oh how I look forward to that!


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I think every community should have a Music in the Park night during the summer months. I have attended Appleton on Tuesday nights and this past week for the first time went over to Canby. Something about sitting in a city park in the summer with others in your lawn chair or sitting on a park bench and listening to someone play music. The community really comes together in some special way.

I was so impressed with the crowds that both Appleton and Canby get at this Music in the Park nights. Usually a group is selling ice cream, or serving popcorn. As was the case Monday in Canby the snow cone guy was there with his snow cone vehicle.  Children were playing on the playground in the park and running around. All different generations are represented, but mostly it’s an older crowd, of which I am included now turning 60 next month.

Attending these music events with your spouse or with friends makes it that much more enjoyable. Sitting in my lawn chair for over an hour and not swatting one mosquito was nice too. The reason for my blog is to discuss the subject of “music”

 Listening to all the different kind of music has been interesting. I remember attending Music in the Park one night and hearing polka. Now I have never cared to listen to polka, or Waltzes, it all sounds the same to me. Bluegrass music on another night, now again I have never cared to listen to Bluegrass. Last Monday it was the Big Band era music, which I must admit, I really don’t care for either. But for some reason on Monday I really enjoyed listening to it for the first time.

I will say this after sitting in a city park with a good number of people and hearing Polka, Bluegrass, the Big Band music and other type of music, I have really come to like it now. As a matter of fact, while sitting at my computer typing this blog I am listening to Big Band music. It can be relaxing. So a good number of you are probably wondering, “I wonder what type of music Paul enjoys listening to?”

My favorite music is 60’s and 70’ music. The Beetles, Monkees, Beach Boys, Tom Petty, The Carpenters, Elton John, and the list of groups from the 60’s and 70’s is long. That is the music we play on KLQP during the day, and I love it. I also enjoy listening to today’s Christian music from Newsboys, DC Talk, Big Daddy Weave, Casting Crowns, Matthew West and more. That is music that speaks to my soul. It’s comforting music and can lift your spirits.

Those are my favorites. So I don’t know if Big Band, or Bluegrass, or even Polka will ever reach my list of favorites. But I can tell you this, attending the Music in the Park evenings has exposed me to that music and recently has me listening more and more to it. So if you see me out walking and I have my earbuds in, I just might be listening to Bluegrass or Big Band or yes, even Polka.  Maybe.

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