October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. I don’t know or how this started, but high school volleyball teams have really made an impact in bringing awareness to breast cancer. The team wears pink, holds fundraisers at volleyball matches, encourages women to get mammograms, and helps support the women and families that are battling breast cancer.

Tuesday the Dawson/Boyd and LQPV girls’ volleyball teams, combined their efforts and raised $1600 for the local LQP Hope Network. The LQP Hope Network will share the money with LQP County families who are fighting cancer and struggle to pay the bills.

This year, cancer takes on a new meaning for me. A couple weeks ago, my daughter in law, Jenny, found out that she has breast cancer. She will start chemo soon. This has devastated our family. I have watched friends and family members that I love battle cancer before, but never someone in my immediate family.

Now I get pretty emotional and pay more attention to the cancer events at these volleyball matches these past few weeks. I wear pink and donate with a new perspective. Cancer sucks. Lots of emotions run through you when you receive the terrible news. Anger, shock, sadness, worry and helplessness. It sucks, I don’t know how else to say it. I think about Jen and pray for her every day!

Many of my friends and family members have gone through what Jen is experiencing. Jen is a fighter, she is one of the strongest women I have ever met. She’s a military girl so you know she’s tough, but she needs help while going through this. Her husband, her kids, and her family will support her during this tough time. She will beat this.

 In conclusion, I’ve never felt so connected to the ‘DIG PINK’ nights at those volleyball matches like I have the last few weeks. I pray that research can soon find a cure for this terrible disease. So, I congratulate all the area volleyball teams for what they are doing this October, bringing awareness, and raising money during Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Thank you!

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  1. Maynard Meyer says:

    My late mother was diagnosed breast cancer but survived it and lived to be 92. Fortunately, there are good doctors and many advancements have been made in treatment of the disease. It’s great that so many people are supportive of the search for a cure.

  2. Janet hughes says:

    My prayers are with you and your family. Cancer is a horrible disease that affects the whole family. With our faith and family we got through my daughters cancer treatments. She is at the end of her journey, on October 25 will be her last iv chemotherapy. That is 26 long months of treatments she had to go through.

  3. Mary Daline says:

    So sorry to hear of this bad news. Prayers to her and all of your family

  4. Elan says:

    I applaud you for speaking out, so glad so many men have raised their voices in support and determination that no one fights alone. I am thrilled Jen has someone like you in her corner.

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