25 YEARS!!!

Since 1992 I have been broadcasting high school sports for KLQP radio. So that makes this year, my 25th year. I can’t even find the words to describe how I really feel about my job, and being a part of the high school sports scene. All I can say it has been absolutely so much fun and amazing.

I have met so many great people over those 25 years. Student/athletes, parents, school athletic directors, grandparents, coaches, assistant coaches, janitors, newspaper sport writers, and other radio sports broadcasters. The relationships I have built over the years with some of these people have turned into lifelong friendships.

I have so many great memories to share I could write a book, or two. I think back of how it all started for me.  I was working in our family business, had been for over 20 years at the time. Maynard Meyer the general manager of the radio station had just lost his sports broadcaster to another job. He was in a bind to have someone do the LQPV at Granite Falls boys’ basketball game.

 He knew I would be attending the game, so he called me in the afternoon and asked if I could bring the suitcase with me. I asked what he meant by “the suitcase”? Well the suitcase had all the broadcasting equipment in it. I remember blurting out a NO! Even though it had been my childhood dream to be a sports broadcaster, I said “No Maynard I can’t do that, I have never done anything like that before.” Maynard wouldn’t take no for an answer. I reluctantly said, “OK then I will do it.”

 I got to the Granite Falls gym, struggled setting up the broadcasting equipment. I remember I was relieved when I made the telephone connection to the radio station. Got the starting line ups and put the headset on for the first time and was waiting to go on the air. I thought I was going to be sick and throw up, I was so nervous.

I remember Maynard introducing me to the radio listeners and then I began broadcasting the boys’ basketball game. I don’t even remember who won the game or anything about the game. That was my very first sports broadcast and I was off and running. Each game got easier and easier to do, I felt more comfortable.

I’ve learned a lot in twenty-five years of broadcasting high school sports. Let me name a few. Always assume the microphone is live.  I thought I was at a commercial break once and said somethings that was not so nice and it went over the air. Always say nice things. Never describe female athletes as large or big girls, because some moms will ask you not to describe their daughters as big or large. Always double check where the game is to be played, once I traveled to Morris and the game was in Benson. And always go to the bathroom before you go on the air.

It’s been a fun ride and I plan on broadcasting another 25 years. I thank Maynard and Terry for giving me a chance to do something I dreamed of as a kid. I remember laying in my bed as a 12-year-old boy listening to Al Shaver broadcast Minnesota North Stars hockey, or Ray Christensen broadcast Gopher basketball and football on my AM radio. They were so good at describing what was going on and I just remember vividly saying to myself. I want to do that someday!

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  1. M says:

    Followed you on Facebook for a few years. Many fond memories of the Raymos and Bungardens. Retired in Bonita Springs FL, survived hurricane. Kathy does not reply to me anymore
    Continued luck.


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