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I want a pet, specifically a small dog. Lately I have been thinking and contemplating getting a dog and discussing this with my wife. I have not made any progress with convincing her to bring home a dog. I have been pleading my case for getting a dog for months and getting absolutely nowhere.  We are empty nesters, no kids living at home just the two of us. Maybe a little background on my experience with pets.

When I was a child, I was the oldest of five kids. My mom and dad always let us have pets and we had a number of pets while I was growing up. We lived in town. I remember clearly a white cat named Snow White and parakeet that the cat ate one day! Once, dad brought home a little kitty during his lunch hour and backed over the kitty with his pickup when he went back to work. We had a number of dogs that dad would bring home.  My favorite was a dog named Speckles.

What’s puzzling about my wife not wanting a pet in the house is that she grew up with lots of pets in her home. When I was dating her I remember a Basset Hound they called Lightning! He was anything but that! Slowest walking dog I ever saw.

I just have a strong desire to bond with a small dog, I would love to come home at night and have him greet me at the door and just to play with the dog, or sit on the couch and pet him. I’m really not sure what kind of dog to get, but I prefer a small dog over a big dog.

My track record with having pets at home when our four kids were growing up isn’t good. My sons had gerbils for awhile, named Fred and Harriet. I accidentally killed them when they got out of their cage one night, my boys cried for days!

We tried fish for a while, the tank smelled up the house most of the time and most of the fish ate each other and the rest just died! Fish are cool just to watch and we had fish and a nice tank for a long time. Our kids never did have a dog or cat growing up.

My wife has two very good points as to why we are not getting a dog. And I’m quoting her. “You don’t pay enough attention to me, when are you going to give a dog attention? You’re never home.”

Ok, that makes me sound like a bad husband, she’s just lashing out and trying to make a point! She gets attention from me!

 The other reason is “Both of us work during the day and the dog will be home all day alone, that’s cruel and besides, who is going to take care of him?

I can’t argue with that; I think she’s right! She’s always right. So it looks like I won’t be getting a small dog anytime soon.  I wonder if you can rent a dog for a weekend?

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2 responses to “RAYMO’S RAMBLINGS – I WANT A PET!”

  1. You can come over and play with Emma!

  2. Shelly says:

    Paul you are always welcome to come play with Coltan and Mo.

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