Sometimes I look down at my shirt to see if the Superman logo is attached. It has been a work hard, play hard kind of two weeks. Family golf outing weekend, county fairs to attend, state baseball weekend, watching grandchildren, board meetings, going on dates with my wife, Chamber of Commerce business to take care of, visit from a longtime friend, radio shows to host and the list continues. Life is fun and interesting, but at a fast pace it seems. How do I slow it down?

I really enjoy my job and spending time with friends and family. My day is always a full schedule, from sun up to sun down and into the late evening sometimes. My oldest son Josh has a saying he likes and uses it often. “Choices, choices, it’s all in the choices you make.”  I need to start making better choices when it comes to my time. So what does that exactly mean? I love my life, I’m happy and content. However lately it’s getting difficult for me to do what I had been doing twenty to thirty years ago without effort.

We had our Raymo Cup golf tournament in St. Cloud. It is a fantastic weekend with the guys. So much fun to be together golfing and just hanging out with family. The guys golfed 54 holes in three days. I golfed 45. We have always golfed that much in the past and it never really bothered me physically. I was a little sore Monday morning going to work. It was a struggle. I am the oldest Raymo golfing and am having a hard time keeping up with the twenty and thirty-year-old guys.

Montevideo hosted the state Jr. Legion baseball tournament this past weekend. My son Brandon was the director of the state tournament and did a fantastic job, along with 120 Montevideo volunteers that it took to run the state tournament. Roxie and I went over to Montevideo Friday and Saturday. Brandon received an award for his service to American Legion baseball. We are very proud of him. So many people were at the Montevideo baseball field, people from all over the state. They came from International Falls, and Cook County, which is Grand Maris on the north shore. Caledonia, Holy Family Catholic, Aitkin, Starbuck and Sacred Heart/Maccray, along with Montevideo. It was a bit warm out, but a very fun event. Best part is we spent some time watching our grandkids.

I spent some time at the Stevens County fair in Morris. I love that fair. The fairgrounds are narrow, but very long. So I did a lot of walking from one end of the fairgrounds to the other many times. I got my steps in that day. I was even pulled into the magic act, and was asked to come up on stage which was fun. What I like about the Stevens County fair is all the different kind of foods they have available. Just about every kind of food can be found at that fair. I did a number of broadcasts from the fair, which is always fun. I am really looking forward to the Swift County fair in Appleton this week and the LQP fair coming up.

It has been a whirlwind last few weeks. A good friend that lives in Chattanooga Tennessee stopped over to the house one night this week and we visited to the wee hours of the morning catching up. Work in the studio can get crazy at times, with so many things to do. I did find time to date my wife, we went out to Duffys in Montevideo which has some great food and someone paid for our meal, which made it all the better. Church and Chamber board meetings were attended. The last baseball Coaches Show was broadcast last Saturday morning. Work, work, work, play, play, play!

So back to the original question; how do I slow it down? I’m open to suggestions.  It’s all about choices, right?

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